Strategic priorities

Our goal:

Our objective is to enhance Myanmar’s IT infrastructure in order to harness the benefits of a digitized economy. We are concentrating our endeavours on two primary aspects with the aim of emerging as the market leader within a five-year period.

1. Building a robust ICT infrastructure in Myanmar, particularly broadband internet, is essential for the advancement of its economy.


Nearly 93% of Myanmar’s population possesses an active mobile subscription, which considerably exceeds the global average of 75%.

Myanmar people understand the advantages of internet connectivity. TMH is ideally situated to support the expansion of Myanmar’s 5G infrastructure.


Nonetheless, a mere 0.24% of Myanmar’s population has a fixed broadband subscriptions, in contrast to the global average of 15%.

Therefore, the growth potential for Myanmar is gigantic. This represents one of the key strategic opportunities for TMH.

2. As people in Myanmar increasingly use the internet, the economy will be transformed.  


Enhanced IT infrastructure contributes to economic growth: in countries similar to Myanmar, a 10% increase in mobile broadband penetration leads to a 2.44% rise in GDP. To build such infrastructure, substantial investments are required, and reliable service providers, such as TMH, play a crucial role in achieving successful outcomes.


In Myanmar, a mere 7% of internet users engage in online purchases of goods and services, compared to 11% in Cambodia and 22% in Lao PDR. Fostering e-commerce will necessitate new services, particularly those ensuring secure data storage and management, which we regard as essential; we are focusing our investments on enhancing our capabilities in this area.