Strategic priorities

Our goal:

Improving Myanmar‘s IT infrastructure to reap the potential of a digitalised economy. We focus our efforts on two fronts to become the market leader within 5 years.

1.  Building Myanmar’s ICT infrastructure (especially broadband internet) is crucial to developing its economy


Almost 93% of Myanmar people do have an active mobile subscription. This is significantly higher than the world average (75%).

They know how they can benefit from being connected to the Internet. We are extremely well positioned to support the development of the 5G infrastructure in Myanmar.


However, only 0.24% of the people do have fixed broadband subscriptions compared to 15% on average for the population in the world.

The potential of growth is, therefore extremely significant for Myanmar. This is one of the strategic opportunities for TMH.

2. People in Myanmar will use the Internet more, which will reshape the economy.  


Better IT infrastructure enables economic development: a 10% increase in mobile broadband penetration results in a 2.44% GDP growth in countries like Myanmar. To develop such infrastructure, massive investments will be needed, and reliable service providers, like TMH, are needed to deliver results.


Only 7% of the people using Internet are buying goods and services online in Myanmar compared to 11% in Cambodia and 22% in Lao PDR. Enabling e-commerce will require new services, especially to store and manage data safely, which we consider crucial and where we are investing in developing our capabilities.