Shareholders’ structure

1,100+ shareholders own TMH. Our ten most significant shareholders control 90% of the voting rights. 87% of our voting rights are held by shareholders who have a long-term interest in our Company, namely our BOD members, and some companies that have decided to invest in TMH.

Nevertheless, it is important for TMH to protect the interests of all its shareholders, especially those holding a small number of shares. Should they trust TMH’s ability to create long-term value, they may be able to provide us with more capital later.

Top Ten Shareholders

No Shareholders  Board Member Number of Shares % of shareholding
1 U Thiha Lwin Executive Managing Director 3,165,408 25%
2 U Myint Lwin Executive Chairman 1,585,500 12%
3 Daw Khin Hnin Lwin Non-executive Director 1,585,500 12%
4 Daw Nang Lai Yi Soe Executive Director 1,085,516 8%
5 Daw Thuzar @ Hong Shan Ji Executive Director 1,084,650 8%
6 U Kyaw Swar Lwin Non-executive Director 1,060,500 8%
7 Daw Ohnmar Lwin Non-executive Director 1,060,500 8%
8 Golden Trader Co., Ltd 542,346 4%
9 Dr Nang Khin Than Soe 364,501 3%
10 U Aike Ti 263,533 2%