Company Profile

TMH Telecom Public Company Limited is a public company, listed on Yangon Stock Exchange and registered at DICA under number 183629719

Understanding Our Company


To provide the best telecommunication service and bring convenience to the lives of Myanmar People.


  • To provide high quality service while establishing a successful relationship with our customers.
  • To build trust and loyalty with our partners.
TMH offers technological solutions and expertise to build, maintain, and operate better communications infrastructures in Myanmar.

We help our clients – service providers and end-users – to access more easily, reliable data, faster, and ultimately to use them better.

High-speed broadband

Mobile use

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Honesty & transparency
  • Trust
  • Accountability & reliability
  • Continuous learning

Key Figures

Our revenues contracted to MMK 8.935 billion

We installed over 500 km of optical fiber, of which 99% are owned by our associate

More than 95% of our customers are satisfied with our services

We serve over 10,0800++ customers with our FTTX solutions

We manufactured 69.1+ million top-up cards for MPT

120,000 people were connected to a high-speed mobile connection

Our new app has been downloaded 20,000 times since February 2019

Each trainee received on average 40 hours of training

90% of our employees are satisfied with their work

0 accident in our workplace

We recycled 32% of the waste we produced

TMH managed one case of fraud last year