Business Ethics


TMH embraces the following principles:

We have a zero-tolerance approach regarding to:

  • Corruption
  • Discrimination
  • Child and forced labor

TMH strives to be a responsible company and to embrace the highest standards regarding transparency and integrity. We expect our BOD members, managers, and employees to comply with the principles described in our Employee Handbook, and we urge our stakeholders to share their concerns should anyone of our Company misbehave. People who are reporting in good faith will always be supported and protected by TMH from any form of retaliation.

At TMH, we have a zero-tolerance approach regarding corruption and discrimination. All our rules and internal guidelines are compiled in our Employee Handbook. Every year, this document is updated by our HR department, to take into consideration the recommendations of our stakeholders, the results of the internal audits, and to enhance our current practices.

You can learn more about our Corporate Responsibility here


When a case is reported, our HR department will start the investigation. If the case is serious, it will be handled by the Internal Audit team to ensure confidentiality of the inspection and to protect as well the whistleblower. Internal auditors will then inform the BOD of their findings, and recommend a various range of actions to manage the issue swiftly.


We identified a breach during the financial year 2018/19: we disclose more information about this case in our annual report