Business Ethics


Our ethics framework relies on our values, which are the cornerstone of our corporate culture.

We also embrace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the eight fundamental ILO Conventions;

We have a zero-tolerance approach regarding to:

  • Corruption
  • Discrimination
  • Child and forced labor


In 2019, TMH decided to review and update its Code of Conduct. Led by our Board, this project involved an independent third-party. With their support, we conducted a gap analysis with Notification 14/2018 issued by the Anti-Corruption Commission to ensure the compliance of our approach. Our action plan includes:

  • A revised Code of Conduct was developed covering various areas to ensure the integrity of our operations.
  • New processes, procedures and tools were developed to ensure compliance.

Unfortunately, in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hindered our ability to move forward; and, after February 2021, it was not possible to roll out this programme due to the current situation in Myanmar. However, in December 2020, the Board appointed a compliance officer who will be in charge of implementing this compliance programme that will aim to structure and encourage a speak-up culture.


Last year, we did not detect any potential unethical behaviour. Likewise, we did not receive any grievance last year.

However, as the situation after 1 February tested our values, the Management considered that it was important to protect and remind all what unites us. Hence, TMH’s Managing Director engaged all our employees to stress the importance of our values, especially respect and trust. Indeed, it is essential that all our employees feel respected regardless of their gender, political opinions, age, ethnic and professional backgrounds. This is an essential prerequisite to building a conducive, trustful and performing workplace.