BOD Members & Attendance

From left to right: U Kyaw Swar Lwin, U Thein Zaw, U Aung Than, U Sein Win, U Thiha Lwin, U David O Abel,U Myint Lwin, DawKhin Hnin Lwin, Dr. Nang Lai Yi Soe, Daw Ohnmar Lwin, Daw Thuzar

BOD’s composition

BOD attendance

12 BOD meetings were held during the financial year 2018-19. Below is the attendance of each director, and more information about the contribution as Board members. All our BOD members do not hold any other directorships in listed or public Myanmar companies.

Name Share-holders Role Meeting attendance First appointment Last re-election
U Myint Lwin Yes Executive – Chairman 100% 10/09/2007 05/08/2018
Daw Khin Hnin Lwin Yes Non-executive Director 100% 10/09/2007 05/08/2018
U Kyaw Swar Lwin Yes Non-executive Director 100% 03/09/2011 05/08/2018
U Thiha Lwin Yes Executive Managing Director 100% 10/09/2007 25/06/2017
Daw Ohmar Lwin Yes Non-executive Director 75% 11/08/2016 25/06/2017
Dr. Nang Lai Yi Soe Yes Executive Director 100% 11/08/2016 25/06/2017
Daw Thu Zar Executive Director 83% 11/08/2016 25/06/2017
U David Abel* Non-executive Director 25% 25/06/2017
U Aung Than Independent Director 100% 25/06/2017
U Thein Zaw Yes Independent Director 100% 25/06/2017
U Sein Win** Yes Independent Director 67% 06/08/2018


* U David Abel resigned on 22 February 2019.

** U Sein Win was appointed on August 2018.

Key figures

36% of our BOD members are women

36% of our BOD members are independent directors

3 directors attended trainings provided by the Myanmar Institute of Directors