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  • Our team maintained 900+ telecom towers in FY22/23
  • Their contribution is essential to connecting 500,500+ people in Kayin, Mon and Tanintharyi.
  • The infrastructure we maintain is highly available: more than 99% of the time. This is a remarkable level of performance; our team had to operate carefully under extraordinarily challenging conditions.
  • The revenue from our BTS operations reached MMK 1,935 million, a level similar to what we used to generate before 2021.

  • Teamwork is essential to deliver our services on time, quality and most importantly to ensure that everyone can go back home safely.
  • We continue to serve our long-term clients. Our collaboration has become even more synergetic as we have worked more closely to assess continuously the situation to ensure the safety and security of our staff and contractors.
  • Last year, we managed to deliver outstanding results to our clients: despite the challenges and the complexity of our working environment, TMH delivered the highest level of performance among all their local service providers.


  • Our team work to install and maintain 4,050+ km of optical fibre in various cities across Myanmar for our affiliate Myanmar GT Broadband.
  • We served 44,800+ clients in FY22/23, a 2.5% increase over to last year. Our clients are mostly located in Yangon, followed by Monywa, Lashio, Taunggyi and Mawlamyaing.
  • Our bandwidth capacity rose from 50 Gbps in FY20/21 to 76 Gbps last year.
  • The growth of our operations relies on the demand of businesses to be connected. Today, we serve 8,100+ businesses; this represents a 50% increase compared over FY20/21.
  • We recorded MMK 636 million of income from our fibre operations in FY22/23 compared to zero income in FY 20/21. This level of income is similar to what we used to generate before 2021.


  • TMH operates 2 sites manufacturing prepaid top-up cards. We produce various types of cards for our client. Last year, our staff produced 14.8 million cards.
  • Though the volume of cards manufactured decreased, the income from our production lines increased from MMK 623 million in FY20/21 to MMK 963 million in FY22/23.
  • We rely on our network of 12 branches to distribute and supply top-up cards to 3,000+ resellers in two areas: in Yangon and in East and Nothern Shan State, which are currently impacted by the ongoing conflict. Our sales force covers 15 townships.
  • We ensure that our team and resellers comply with our client’s requirements and guidelines. Our client regularly audits the quality of our services.

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