Branch Manager

Region                  – Mandalay

Report to             – Admin Manager

Job Description and Specification

  • Daily process of reporting to Admin Department (Manager)
  • To be Manage and check to calculate the attendance register of Employees payroll in branch.
  • Managing Recruitment and Resignation Cases
  • Arrangement to Update Employee Handbook, Company Organization chart and Employees Contact List
  • Rules and Regulations issue and enforce
  • Employees Contract Cases
  • Manage, Maintain and control of Fixed assets
  • Manage, Check and control of Office Vehicle and Fuel
  • Budget Management (For Administration Department)
  • Uniform Control
  • Social Security Board Cases
  • Prepare all offices’ expenses and then report to Admin Department .
  • Handle and control of the stationery stock
  • Record the meeting minutes
  • Arrangement to Passport, Visa, Air Ticket and Car Ticket for travelling employees
  • Training and Development

Main responsibility is for the proper management of the recruitment, staff retaining, evaluation, promotion, transfer, leave taking, penalty, resignation, dismissing and training.

Is responsible for new recruits to understand the rules and regulations and agreements when entering the Company.

Is responsible for providing adequate training for management personals in the Company.

Is responsible for the fair treatment of employees whether it is an evaluation, promotion, transfer, leave taking, penalty, resignation and/ or dismissal.